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Hand across luxury with White Dental Beauty Teeth Whitening Patient Kits, perfect for patients who care about the quality of their whitening gels. Each Patient Kit contains the required amount of whitening for approximately two weeks of whitening.

The 6% Hydrogen Peroxide is equivalent to 18% Carbamide Peroxide and is the strongest at home whitening solution allowed by EU Regulations. The length of full treatment is prescribed by the dentist.

Due to its advanced stability, this gel can be stored for over 24 months between temperatures of 2-24°C. White Dental Beauty is a worldwide leading teeth whitening brand, renowned for providing high quality, innovative and clinically reinforced tooth whitening products. NOVON® is the whitening compound used by White Dental Beauty to deliver higher quality teeth whitening results in the same time – and with less immediate sensitivity.

  • White Dental Beauty teeth whitening gels contain NOVON® patented formula for optimum whitening effect
  • Active sensitivity management formula
  • No refrigeration needed
  • Proven effective and predictable results
  • Achievable visible results in less than a week
  • Available in four different concentrations to suit all patient needs
  • Available in mild for patients with sensitive teeth
  • High water content to help prevent sensitivity & enhance shade stability
  • Eco Friendly packaging to help reduce carbon footprint

Shrawley House MalvernWhat is NOVON® and how does it work?

Novon technology is an exclusive patented technology (US Patent no. 8815217 B2) that produces an enhanced whitening effect.

It has a novel inherent feature in that it remains stable at neutral pH in the syringe, yet upon dilution a rapid pH increase occurs.

This pH increase, from neutral to alkaline, produces an enhanced release of perhydroxyl ions resulting in a more effective bleaching action. Novon's formula gives White Dental Beauty gel an unsurpassed accelerated bleaching action that is safe, effective and kind to the teeth.

NOVON® is the active ingredient in White Dental whitening gels. It is a whitening compound containing Hydrogen Peroxide, urea and sodium tripolyphosphate which produces a pH jump into the alkaline pH range upon application. This''pH jump'' enhances the release of perhydroxyl ions for a faster whitening effect.

Shrawley House MalvernCan patients with sensitive teeth whiten?

Whitening with Peroxide has often been a barrier for patients with sensitive teeth. With the help of NOVON®, White Dental Beauty offers these patients the ability to whiten their teeth using an extra mild formula containing 5% carbamide peroxide. Although the gel contains lower levels of peroxide, it can achieve the same results as a standard 10% carbamide peroxide gel. This means teeth are less exposed to the sensitivity issues higher concentrations can cause and means patients with sensitive teeth can whiten their teeth comfortably.

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