We are OPEN and happy to help!

We are OPEN and happy to help!

6th of July, 2020

Please do not attend the practice without arranging an appointment first…… Here is why!

We hope that you are all well, after these difficult times we are all really looking forward to seeing everyone again. This “new” way of dentistry also comes with extra obligations which means we have to adapt the way we work to keep everyone safe. 

Our regulations, protocols and guidance are changing/updating regularly in-line with the government and chief dental officers advice/guidance and presence of the virus. We will try our utmost to keep you and our staff up-to-date with the latest changes. Please do bare with us as it takes time to put new actions and protocols into place. 

Consequently there will be a few extra guidelines which we will also ask all patients to follow while attending the practice.

Unfortunately these guidelines are not optional but we are sure you will understand and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

What we are doing to keep everyone safe:

  • Before attending you appointment you will be “COVID” screened… a pre-screening questionnaire will be emailed to you in advance of your attendance 
  • (PLEASE MAKE SURE WE HAVE AN UP-TO-DATE EMAIL ADDRESS FOR YOU - you can send this to us via our “contact-us” page
  • Appointment sessions - Due to the new guidelines and distancing measures surgery sessions have been reduced and appointments times have been increased per patient to keep the risk levels low, set times have been allocated for “the venerable” and “key workers”
  • For those patients who are attending for treatment using APG’s (Aerosol Generating Procedure) such as fillings, Root Canal Treatment, Crown/bridge preparations, Ultrasonic scaling, on the day of your appointment you will be contacted by a team member for further screening… this will include any changes in the prescreening questionnaire, gaining your consent for attendance, how you will be travelling to your appointment (please avoid public transport where possible), we ask that you attend alone (unless accompanying children or require a carer) and your temperature taken before preceding with your appointment. These extra precautions are taken due to the virus being at a higher risk of spreading during an APG session. You will also see extra PPE and “fallow” time is required during these appointments, this all enables us to keep the risk factor as low as reasonably practical to do so, so we may continue to offer you a treatment service. 
  • Waiting room is currently out of use until further notice - Due to government guidelines we can not currently use our waiting room facilities until the alert level has decreased. A gazebo and seating area has been placed in our back garden until we are able to use our waiting facilities again. We will always try our utmost to get you into the practice at the time of your appointment so you don’t have to wait outdoors for long periods of time, therefore we ask that you do not attend the practice more than 5 minutes prior to your appointment time. We appreciate your understanding and hope that we can offer you a more comfortable waiting area soon. 
  • Patient entrance and exit points - When arriving you will be asked to make your way around to the back garden (straight up the path, past the bins and access via the left hand side of the building) where you will find hand-sanitising station under the gazebo. It is vital that you follow the laminated instructions available and sanitise your hands immediately upon arrival. There are two sanitising tables available adequately distanced to avoid patient to patient contact. PLACE YOUR MASK ON IMMEDIATELY AFTER SANITISING YOUR HANDS, and wait in the garden area until a member of staff comes to check you in. After your appointment you will be asked to make any required appointments and payment at reception then you are to leave via the front door of the practice. 
  • Face-mask - You will be asked to wear a face mask, please bring one with you to place on immediately after you have sanitised you hands (a mask will be provided upon request for those that don't have their own - please ask the member of staff that checks you in)
  • PLEASE DO NOT ENTRE THE BUILDING UNTIL ASKED TO DO SO! - Time management is key and we will aim not to keep anyone waiting too long to avoid unnecessary contact.

Thats all, we don’t ask any more than that!!

Additional information that may be of use:

  • Please bring minimal belongings with you as you will not be able to take anything that does not fit into our plastic box into the surgery with you
  • Bring a bottle of water - It is very important to keep hydrated, unfortunately at this moment in time we are not able to offer you a drink and you will not be able to drink in the surgery 
  • Use the bathroom before leaving home - our bathroom facilities are currently minimal use only
  • When travelling please avoid using public transport where possible. If you do need to use public transport please always where a mask while on public transport and avoid touching your face
  • Visit www.gov.uk for the latest Covid-19 guidance 

Keeping our staff and patients safe is our top priority, and we have taken and thought about every precaution we can to keep the risk as low as reasonably practicable. We would like to thank you all in doing your part in helping us to achieve this low risk and thus allows us to see patients again.

We also have increased measures in place:

  • In-depth Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) followed strictly by all team members
  • Detailed Risk Assessments
  • Infection Control procedures
  • Adequate PPE (it is still us underneath!!)
  • Zoning
  • Practice modifications, such as Perspex screen at reception, sanitising stations, displayed information
  • Full staff training in the “new’ dentistry (on-going with current guidance and changes) 

New bookings - 01684 572357

If you already have an appointment booked with us you don’t need to do anything (unless you are unable to attend then please do contact us to cancel so we may offer your appointment slot to another patient)

Please make sure we have a current email address for you - we may contact you to gain one. 

If you require an appointment then please do not hesitate to contact our reception team whom will be more than happy to assist you.

Please note, appointment times are limited due to reduced surgery sessions and longer appointment times to meet the government guidelines.

We are working very hard to get every patient accommodated with an appointment, please bare with us, we will get to you all. We have daily emergency appointment slots available. 

We are looking forward to seeing you soon

Rhondda, Agnes and the Team

We are OPEN and happy to help!

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